Re: New Metre Gauge locomotives


FGC had a bimodal lcomotive, class 255, leased 2011-17 from Euskotren. 255.01, now back as 2003. Euskotren purchased 12 locomotives to develop freight traffic, but it didn't go as expected and they finally sold three of them (2008-10) to Ecuador, AFAIK without pantographs...

These locomotives have an axle load of 15.5 t and are rated 1200 kW. They go with 1500 V dc, thus an ac version would be somewhat heavier. But I don't think that they would fulfill the traction program of MBC, MOB and MGI.

MOB 6000 are rated 1000 kW, 8000 are 2000 kW, HGe 4/4" about 1900 kW, MBC and RhB Ge 4/4 III 3200 kW.

A lower rated locomotive can pull a comparable load but at lower speed!

FGC 256.01, which is a HGem 2/2 from Stadler is rated 700 kW and weighs 28 t.

Existing six-axle diesel electric FGC 254.01-03 of 1990 are rated 1200 kw, come with an axle-load of 13.5 t, total weight 81 t.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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