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I think that the coach in the original blue/beige livery has probably faded from exposure to the elements.
[...] but I don't think that BLS changed the shade of blue [...]
I'm sure that the blue of 1976 (EW I) and following (NPZ, EW IV) was different from the blue of 1935-64 ("Blaue Pfeile", a few EW I). I have seen the difference with my own eyes so many times. I also tried to photograph it, but that wasn't easy. With Kodak film developed on Fuji paper etc. the effects of the photo lab was mostly more important than the natural difference. When digital photography arrived, the old vehicles were gone.

It is also sure, that the coach of 1976 depicted in the link I gave, had faded out from exposure. The interesting point is, that the blue of 1976 faded out much more than earlier and later applications. I was told that the technique of application has an important influence on the fading process. I remember a generation of FO vehicles whose red finally got a whitish aspect. In my picture of 1983, which must have been the first BLS picture I took at all, you can see two NPZ motor coaches with an AB repainted in 1976/77. After 6 years the blue was still much the same as on the NPZ.  But you can clearly recognize the lower "Farbtrennkante" (colour division line) of the NPZ (and later repaints). The photo was taken with an average tourist camera, which belonged to my mother, on Kodak 135 film. It was scanned last year directly from the film.

Even if BLS only had two different shades of blue, the real variety was much more important because of the fading process. You alaways have to take into account, when the last repaint was.

Markus, Gürbetal

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