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Am 14.05.2021 um 00:07 schrieb Alan McMillan:
- green with diaphragms (1962-69)
- blue cream with diaphragms (1969-87)
- blue cream with rubber connections (1987-91)
- blue cream with rubber connections and blue (!) sliding doors. (1990-merger)
Thanks for this. I’m intent on creating one of the coaches in its 1969-87 condition. The number I have is 50 63 20-33 880-9
The check digit is wrong, it should be 50 63 20-33 880-5

This number is correct for 1969-91. August 1987 the coach came back with rubber connections and the new livery. This coach was among the first EW I to get the (old) blue/cream livery in order to be used with ABDe 4/8 and Bt. It was rare to see them somewhere else, but it could happen after about 1982.

Second coach in the same livery 1969-87 was 50 63 20-33 881-3. A black and white photo of this coach can be found in:
Claude Jeanmaire: ''Die elektrischen und Diesel-Triebfahrzeuge schweizerischer Eisenbahnen. Zweiter Teil: Die Berner Alpenbahn-Gesellschaft (BLS).'' Archiv Nr. 12, Verlag Eisenbahn, Villigen AG 1972, ISBN 3-85649-012-0

Markus, Gürbetal

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