RhB : Bernina Gem 4/4

David Prior

I paid a call to Davos Platz today (to have a trip with Ge4/4i 605), and saw a large poster in the booking hall. Despite having been there 5-6 times during 2020/21, I hadn’t noticed this before (unobservant, or it’s recent).

Advertising the panoramic Bernina Express service is a picture of the train near - I think - Lago Bianco / Ospizio Bernina, headed by electro-diesel Gem4/4 801.

Can anyone confirm whether this was ever “usual”, or is a photo of a very rare working ? I’m just interested to know whether 801/802 have any passenger train history.

Probably a quite naive question, but I’ve never read a report of those two and not been around long enough to place this photo.

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