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Am 15.05.2021 um 22:11 schrieb Andy:
The Gems were, in fact, designed as express engines, (in one sense) in that they were designed to haul the Bernina Express from Chur to and through Pontresina using diesel,
Sorry, Andy, this is not a fact. Fact is, that this use of Gem only started five years after their delivery and was a way to overcome the flaws of the ancient Pontresina track plan. Finally they pulled the BEX, which then only existed in Summer, between 1973 and 81. And they only pulled it out of Samedan, not out of Chur!

But the intention of RhB when they ordered these locomotives was to get two snow clearing trains that could operate in diesel mode. Together with Gem 801-802 the Xrot et 9218-19 were delivered. Even if they were electric rotary snowploughs, it was possible to use one of Gem's diesel generator group to feed the Xrot et while the second one was used for the (slow) traction of the train.

It was also intended to use these locomotives to replace the remaining steam locomotives in any use. 1971 during repair work in the Magnacun tunnel, which required the electric wire to be taken down, Gem 802 pulled the trains through the tunnel.

Finally it was intended to get additional motive power for the Summer season on the Bernina line.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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