Stadler Rail in the U.S.


Tomorrow, May 20, 2021, the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway will reopen after a complete reuild and renewal. The Abt rack was replaced with Strub rack. Stadler has delivered thre trains, consisting of a de rack locomotive, two cars and a drving trailer. The locomotives carry the designation "Hm 4/4 27", 28 and 29. A complete train s formed of e.g. 27-27B-27C-27A. (Don't try to find a logic in it.)

At the same time, Zaugg of Eggiwil, who's main shareholder is the same man as the main shareholder of Stadler ;-), delivered a snow blower number 30. The snow blower is quipeed as driving trailer for a Hm 4/4.

Interesting that MPRR returns to diesel-electric after the four diesel-hydraulic double railcars 18-19 (SLM 5046-47/1975), 24 (SLM 5275/1983) and 25 (SLM 518/1988). These railcars have been rebuilt with Strub cogwheels.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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