Re: RhB : Bernina Gem 4/4 Sat 28th May


One of the units was sitting on the short siding at Alp Grum today at 12:40 (as viewed on the RhB livestream).
That would have been for the occasional (on a Thursday) supply train to the works based around the old turntable siding. (More common is a Tuesday one, normally a weekly delivery of materials. This week that was powered by the ex-ABe Xe 232.01.)
I noticed a train was present again today (a cement container and what were probably a couple of Rp-w with white sacks of something on pallets, but I was too busy to hang around and see what was shunting it - so thanks for telling me ! (Don't suppose you noticed any Xac lurking near the Gem somewhere, did you?)

Regards, Andy McMillan

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