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Am 09.06.2021 um 20:34 schrieb Andrew Moglestue via
I recently had a discussion about the absence of a track 1 in Sargans.
Is this missing because it once existed and was removed ? Or did it
never exist but the number was reserved in case a further track
should be needed ?
The current track numbers in Sargans were introduced in 1983, when the loop opened and platforms with an underpass had been built. Thus track 1 never existed South of track 2.

I can't recall the track numbers before 1983. But there was a track 1 and it must have been adjacent to the station building. Maybe the track numbers were A1 etc. on the Zürich side and B1 on the Buchs - St. Gallen side. But I can't find what it really was. These numbers had been introduced, after SBB stopped to number the platforms.

In an old photo I could locate, the platform numbers, that were in use until the 1960ies can be seen:
1 Chur - Buchs - St. Gallen
2 Chur - Zürich

Markus, Gürbetal

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