Re: Absence of Tail Lights on the RhB


It's a fact that RhB at some point decided that red tail lights were of no use except producing costs. And it's a fact that nobody objected. It is still another fact, not yet mentioned, that at the point when operating rules became a national standard, the responsible persons of the FOT accepted that RhB (and MGB) continued without tail lights.

Another fact is that cabs at the end of a train were always able to show a red tail light. But for many years it was the personal taste of the driver that decided if he lit the light or not.

Introduction of more and more driving trailers after 1999 and then also EMUs changed the world again. More and more it's all automatic. The driver does no longer have to deal with these little details as head and tail lights. Thus today, RhB trains show the same lights as all other trains in Switzerland and it's the same for MGB. This leaves the exceptions: The few trains without driving trailers (Bernina Regios, BEX, GEX and freight trains) will continue to run without tail lights, except in the night on Chur - Arosa and Poschiavo - Tirano. (example attached).


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