Re: RhB : 23401 works passenger special


Why did the transfer from Thusis to Berg√ľn have to take place at slow speed and with the overhead line deactivate?
I am sure others will give you the definitive reason but my guess - and it is only that - is that the roof resistors (which are rather higher than anything else which ran on DC and has had to travel on the AC RhB) would have been too close to the lowest sections of the overhead catenary in some of the Albula tunnels. These were built for steam, remember.
When the four ABe I (30-34) were transported to the Arosa, or they or others taken to and from Landquart for repairs or rebuilding, the pantographs were either removed or held down with strapping to give the necessary clearances. But you can't lower resistors, so you either remove them or cut the power and move the thing by diesel. Makes sense to me, but no doubt others will advise you of the facts in due course. . .

Regards, Andy McMillan

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