Question about Eurofima Am and SBB Bpm/B UIC-Z


While trying to assemble a consist for a short IC/EC using a few of the new LS Models Apm/Bpm EC 90 coaches, I am trying to figure out which other coaches you could find in a consist for the period 2009-2010, being that the revision dates on my models are 2007 through 2009.

All of my LSM Am Eurofima have revision dates from the 1990s (1992/1993), so are not technically appropriate. I know that these coaches used to run right behind the locomotive on ECs to Munich and on other routes to German destinations where diesel traction was common (e.g. EC Albert Einstein). I also have a number of B RIC (ex-Bpm UIC-Z) and B RIC in either the EWIV or ICN liveries as well.

While waiting for an Apm Panorama to make my consist a 5 coach EC, which other coaches would be best suited?

Nils Bechtiger used to have a website with photos sorted by year, but that is no longer maintained.
I am going to go through my collection to see what I can find, including my videos.

In the meantime, any suggestions are appreciated.


Mike C

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