Re: Question about Eurofima Am and SBB Bpm/B UIC-Z


Am 06.07.2021 um 02:52 schrieb csipromo via
While waiting for an Apm Panorama to make my consist a 5 coach EC, which other coaches would be best suited?
When used in EC service they were mostly among themselves. The Zürich - München consist was
Am - Apm - WRm EW IV - Bpm - Bpm - Bpm ...
EC Chur - Germany had 3 Apm, a WRm EW IV and many Bpm.
At that time CIS-liveried coaches were around.
The Am were in their last years of SBB service.

But Apm and Bpm were also used in inland services. At the Gotthard you could see them in a wild mix with EW IV, even EW II, and Bpm ex Bm Z2 and B ex Bpm Z1 plus an Apm Pano in the middle.

St. Gallen - Chur were especially nice consists, e.g.
D EW II - Apm - Bpm - B ex Bpm Z1 - Bpm ex Bm Z2 with an Re 4/4"


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