Re: Question about Eurofima Am and SBB Bpm/B UIC-Z



Thank you very much for that. The information that I have been trying to figure out is beyond anything that I have seen on any website.
I ordered four SBB EC coaches (LS Models). The coaches all have revision dates between 2007 and 2009. I was planning on adding a panorama Apm coach once they are released, bringing the consist to 5 coaches total.

In the interim, I was trying to figure out what other coaches could be used with this consist.
I had the idea that I could use either an Am Eurofima, which were used in some consists, but none of the models in my collection had an overlapping revision date.
Last night, I found that one of my Roco models (44669) has a 2009 revision, which opens up that possibility.

Markus made the contribution that I could add a Roco WRm (44963) type. I have to check the revision date on that model.

None of my individual LSM SBB Eurofimas have revision dates past the 1990s. The same applies to all my LSM SBB RIC coaches in the green/grey livery.
I did not consider any of my fleet in the new ICN livery, as that was coming into service in 2009, so would still have been rare.

I am going to expand my search to any compatible coach with a revision date from 2005 on.

While looking into this I discovered one interesting thing. My ACME SBB Am Eurofima coach has a revision date of XX.XX.2002.
As far as I remember, the dates were always expressed in two digit groups, so it should have read XX.XX.02 instead. Maybe Markus can confirm this?

I am not usually a rivet counter to this level, but seeing as I already had a fleet of Roco SBB EC coaches and I specifically ordered the LSM models that had close revision dates, I became more curious about this.


Mike C

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