RhB : krok 415

David Prior

Ge 6/6 i lok 415 has not turned a wheel since it finished a week hauling the Davos-Filisur erlebniszug from 5- 11 Sept 2020.

After nearly a year under repair, and wondering what its realistic future was, I contacted the RhB Club, to be honest without expecting too much back. Within a few days I received the following which will be of interest to others I’m sure. Well done RhB.

“ I have just received feedback from the workshop. The Crocodile 415 will be completely renovated both mechanically and electrically. The external audits of various components take a lot of time. Currently, the schedule is that we will complete the revision by the end of October / mid-November and then probably do about a month of commissioning and test drives. Operationally, it should be ready for use again by the end of the year at the latest. 

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