Re: Jungfraubahn, ticket options

Chris Wood

Just to agree with many above. If your parents are visiting Interlaken and all they are going to do is the Jungfraujoch, that is a real shame. Whilst undeniably a bucket list destination, the "top of the world" will inevitably be very busy and their stay there may be limited by the effects of altitude.

I'd strongly recommend the trip to Murren as well. A completely different set of views, and if they are up to a reasonably level walk, walking from Winteregg to Murren or vica-versa on the path that follows the railway will be much quieter and prettier than the Jungfraujoch, with advantage of really good views of the Eiger and Jungfrau. A trip up the Schilthorn from Murren is another possibility, but I cannot really comment on that as I've never managed to do it when the summit was in less than 10/10ths cloud.

The Schynige Platte is lovely too, especially if you have any interest in gardens and plants. Or there is the fascinating walk through the Areschlucht at Meiringen, if they have got fed up of mountains. I'm guessing your parents are not rail fans, so I won't go on about the Brienz Rothorn Bahn or any of the other fascinating railways in the area. But the Berner Oberland Regional Pass will get you to all these other places and get you a good discount on the Jungfraubahn.

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