Re: RIC Am & Bm corridor coaches


Am 01.08.2021 um 12:52 schrieb Alan McMillan:
On the original corridor versions of the RIC coaches, Am and Bm, how
many of the compartments were smoking and how many non smoking. Were
the seats a different colour to delineate which was which?
According to SBB drawings and as was the "normal" thing at that time, 50% were smoker. In my memory and on photos I have, seats were green for non smoker and red for smoker.

If qou look at the coach from the compartment side, there are from left to right (R = Raucher/smoker, NR = Nichtraucher/non smoker):

Bm 22: 6 R - 6 NR
Bm 21: 5 R - 6 NR
ABm: 3 R/2nd - 3 NR/2nd - 2 NR/1st - 2 R/1st
Am: 4 R - 5 NR


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