Re: RIC Am & Bm corridor coaches


A number of the coaches from the final delivery of the Bm RIC coaches (11 compartments) were delivered from the factory in the C1 (Orange) livery as chosen for the VSE (Voiture Standard Europeene) aka Eurofima coaches. That said, it was quite common for the Eurofima Am (1977) to be used in combination with earlier coaches in the green livery.
The main difference between the RIC and UIC-X coaches and the new generation UIC-Z coaches (Eurofima type) was that the newer coaches were delivered with air conditioning, which made them more common to find in the top Intercity (IC) and Express trains. A few years later, the SBB received 30 air conditioned Bpm Open Seating coaches, most of which went into service in those top tier trains. Less than a decade later, those coaches formed the backbone of the SBB fleet in the new EuroCity system (1987) until the delivery of the new EC'90 coaches starting in 1990. At that point, the older RIC coaches were either downgraded to secondary use or modified for domestic (inland) operation. The oldest coaches were gradually taken out of service while the most recent are still in use today in many trains although their end of life is near.

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