Re: RIC Am & Bm corridor coaches



not quite sure what you meant by city-pairs. Domestic InterCity trains (i.e. St. Gallen-Zurich-Bern-Geneva) were originally EWI/EWII. Later (1975), the EWIII (Swiss Express) and then the EWIV (1983/84) coaches replaced the older designs. The RIC compartment coaches were more frequently found on other routes (Basel-Luzern-Chiasso or Basel-Zurich-Chur as those usually were made up of coaches from international trains combined with coaches added for the domestic part of the route. In addition to the flagship trains, the orange (Eurofima Am) and later (Bpm) could occasionally be found in such long distance trains. These chances increased as coaches once used for international routes were made available as those consists were at that point operated by foreign railways. For example, some services between Munich and Switzerland which had been operated with SBB coaches may have switched to DB coaches, making the SBB rolling stock available for other uses.


Mike C

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