Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains


Reinforcing what was said above...
I think that Aigle is a good place to view some narrow gauge traffic. There used to be a number of companies which connected the town to various destinations north and south. I don't know whether these companies have experienced the same types of mergers as has been seen in other areas.
The other area that might be of interest would be the narrow gauge network in the St. Gallen area (Appenzeller Bahn, etc)
If you want to revisit areas, the MIB is now part of the Zentralbahn and this has meant some changes in the service in the Meiringen area.
There is also the introduction of the gauge changing coaches on the MOB which might be of interest.
There is also the Interlaken area with BOB to Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Murren, etc. I don't know how much travel you have done there.
You could also check out the Gruyere area (BAM, etc).
Your list does not mention the Centovalli (FART) nor the FLP (Lugano)
For the record, the Rigibahn is standard gauge, but even there, there are new trainsets, making it potentially worth the revisit.


Mike C

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