Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains


MBC stands for Morges - Biere - Cossonay. It has one funicular (at Cossonay), buses and one metre-gauge railway line In 'old money' it was the BAM (Biere - Apples Morges) [sorry but I much preferred the 'old days' in Switzerland with all separate lines each with their own initials].

BAM is metre gauge and runs from Morges to Biere, with a junction from Apples to L'Isle Mont la Ville. I'm somewhat surprised you haven't heard of this line as there have been quite a few English language articles over the years making linguistic fun of the fact that two of the main stations sound like foodstuffs. Like most lines, this has gone over to '21st century' units but they still have some metre gauge locomotives because there is still occasional heavy military train and freight traffic. In recent years new quarries were opened on the line, and a large new fleet of wagons was bought.

The loco you saw was the MBC's one and only standard gauge Re4/4. This was purchased to operate the standard gauge section of the quarry service between Morges and Gland.

I saw an MBC locomotive. Any interesting MBC rides? 

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