Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains

John Lovda

My goodness. Thank you all for the number of suggestions. I am cutting and pasting all your comments and putting them in one document that I can highlight, refer to and do research on.

I did mention CJ earlier. Three or four years ago I ventured "into the French area" and took the CJ train from Glovelier to La Chaux-de-Fonds. It was described in an SBB travel brochure as one of the scenic train routes in the country. I noticed it was missing the following year. Unfortunately, about half way into the ride, because of construction, all the passengers departed the train and took buses for the remainder of the journey. Actually the most unusual thing I remember was the standard BLS ride back to Neuchatel where the train stopped at a dead end in the middle of nowhere and switched directions. Is this the standard route to travel down the mountains?

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