Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains


Am 24.09.2021 um 02:27 schrieb gordonwis via
Combe-Tabeillon is even more interesting than Chambrelien, as the
line loops twice so there are tracks parallel at three levels, like
Berguen on the RhB and Wassen on the Gotthard. It's well worth a
visit as it has survived a few closure attempts.
The line was closed in 1948 and only reopened in 1953 after being regauged from standard to meter gauge.

You get almost the same effect at Villars if travelling Bex -
... with two important differences:
1) the two branches were not built at the same time and not even by the same company, the line from Bex originally continuing to Chesières;
2) the switchback isn't in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of a village.

You could finally say the same about the switchback in Luzern of a Basel-Lugano train :-P

Markus, Gürbetal

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