Re: Gais - Altstätten Stadt (was Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains)


Am 25.09.2021 um 01:43 schrieb gordonwis via
I agree it's a pity the connection closed [...]It doesn't help that the train takes The link closed in the 'closure> phase' of the late 1960s - early 1970s period when a number of lines succumbed and a number of others only survived by the skin of their teeth.
It is certain that the existence of a rail link to Altstätten railway
station would double the chance of a survival of this line, as it is a
really quick connection from Appenzell to Buchs, Sargans and Chur and
v/v. It is now too often that the connection to the bus isn't reached in
Altstätten Stadt.

It can currently generate a certain number of rides transporting cycles
and sledges and attracting travellers with the open coach.

For now we can say that it will survive as long the existing motor
coaches 16 and 17 carry on and that might be until the 2030ies

The link was also complicated in terms of ownership arrangements.
This wouldnt be a problem today but helped to close the line!

Markus, Gürbetal

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