Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains

John Lovda

On Sat, Oct 2, 2021 at 02:26 AM, Guerbetaler wrote:

Hoher Kasten

Thank you Markus. I found it on my Appenzeller route map. My communication with the outside world during my trips is my PC in my Hotel room. I believe there is a webcam for Säntis. I will check it in the morning before I leave for the HB.

We'll see what the prices for food are. At the very least I can enjoy a dessert and cup of coffee. I arrive on Wednesday morning so my excitement is building. The eight day, second class Swiss Travel Pass is wonderful. I have used them every year. The price is roughly SF 51 per day but I don't have to worry at all about trains or buses. I did get surprised by the WAB at Lauterbrennen. It was SF 35 with the pass up to Kleine Scheidegg. Gornergrat was SF 50 with the pass. Went to the Jungfrau once 45 years ago with my wife on our honeymoon. Too expensive for a return visit. Too many things to see for "free" with my pass.



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