Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains

Bill Bolton

On Fri, 01 Oct 2021 17:53:52 -0700, John Lovda wrote:

I am also going to spend a day on the Appenzeller Bahn. I
might begin my day in Gossau to Urnäsch, Appenzell, Gais
and Altstätten then return back to Gais and going to St.
We did a similar day trip from Chur in 2017, but started in St Gallen
and ended at Gossau.

Watch out for trackwork closures... despite carefully checking before
hand, we ended up on a bus for the last downhill part from Herisau to
Gossau (which we had ridden on a previous visit).

From St Gallen you can also ride the former TB (now AB) to Trogen, and
perhaps fit in a ride on a St Gallen trolleybus.

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