Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains


Am 03.10.2021 um 15:33 schrieb John Lovda via
> Is it worth a little detour to take a side trip from Appenzell to Wasserauen and back?
Appenzell - Wasserauen is different from Gossau - Appenzell, as it was built as an electric tramway, intended to be the first section of a "Säntisbahn", continuing from Wasserauen with rack and funiculars.

This was 1912. You know what came next and when anybody restarted to think of a Säntisbahn he ended with a cable car project. The cable car opened in 1935.

Appenzell - Wasserauen can be done in half an hour as most (but not all) trains come back after a short stop in Wasserauen.

There is now a cable car starting form Wasserauen to Ebenalp from where the meanwhile world-famous Aescher can be reached within half an hour.

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