Re: Appenzellerbahn


Am 03.10.2021 um 14:25 schrieb David Prior via
Can anyone confirm whether the AB’s Ge 4/4 lok, number 1, has any passenger work or is purely infrastructure / freight ?
It seems to be one of those things rarely reported, if ever.
Ge 4/4 1, BDe 4/4 44 and 45 are all stored in Gossau but are not allowed to run because they haven't yet got ZSI-127. It is possible that Ge 4/4 1 will get ZSI-127 to be available as reserve for the Walzer EMUs. AB is completely freight-less ... Infrastructure now has the two new Stadler Gem 2/2 1095-1096, which can also work in MU for heavy trains and can also go to Trogen. Ge 4/4 1 is restricted Gossau - Wasserauen and Appenzell - Gais workshop (not entering the station!)

The only older vehicles fitted with ZSI-127 are BDeh 4/4 16-17 and ABt 116-117 for Altstätten - Gais and ABt 121-123 to be used as "modules" for the Walzer EMUs (1001-1005), seen here in Wasserauen.


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