Re: Landquart - Chur - Ems Werk Freight (Standard Gauge)

glenn allen

From: Rob
I wonder if anyone can help?  I'm off to the Rhätische Bahn next week, and I'm quite well gened up on RhB stuff.  What I don't know anything about is the standard gauge where it mixes from Landquart - Chur - Ems Werk.  Is there any booked freight?  Anything that reliably works to a timetable?  I'd like to get some photos of the narrow gauge and standard gauge together, but in all the times I've been to the RhB I can't recall seeing anything on the standard gauge beyond Chur.
The graphic timetable is here:

6xxxx numbers are pathways for standard gauge freights, however, they are just that. No guarantee that there will be trains at those times. I’ve only seen a couple of freights on that section of line. They were around lunchtime.


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