Re: Less travelled narrow gauge trains

John Lovda

Switzerland is very strict about wearing masks on public transport; trains, trams, buses. There were no complaints that I could see. 98% compliance. If you go, wear a comfortable cloth mask. After eight days of wearing a regular disposable mask with elastic string for 12 hours the inside back of my ears were raw from chaffing. Stopped in several stores in the HB ShopVille and when my mask was down I was reminded. They were checking at the big Coop on the Bahnhofbrücke as you walked in. I was checked twice at restaurants for my Covid certificate. You need one to get served. I didn't have a Swiss QR code but I showed them my US CDC shot card and they were fine with that. The trains seemed to be filled like normal and I felt quite safe. I had to pay SF 65 at one of the pharmacies in ShopVille for an Antigen Covid test for my flight back home. They charge SF 110 at the Zürich airport.

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