Re: COVID rules, was: Less travelled narrow gauge trains


Gordon sent a message to SwissRail, but online I found it corrupted and the photo was 2.4 MB. Thus I take his original post and send it this way.
Sorry for that, but I wasn't able to repair his message directly.

On Saturday, 23 October 2021, 20:24:58 BST, Guerbetaler via <guerbetaler@...> wrote:
> I can't find this update. But what is a "NHS COVID certificate"?

Hi Markus,

I drove to and around Switzerland in beautiful weather last week.

Reference to an 'NHS Covid certificate' means the paper and/or digital QR coded certificate that we get from the UK NHS (in my case in England) if we are 'double jabbed' aka fully vaccinated. This was being accepted as proof for entry into restaurants etc during the 'interim period' but soon won't be. So I timed my visit perfectly in that sense.

Before I left the UK I made sure I had my original paper version of my NHS Covid cert, as well as the digital version on my phone (I also had the French Pass Sanitaire on my phone for the French section of my trip)

The paper certificate was requested by staff at Ibis Baden Neuenhof but only for getting past the tape barrier into the bar/eating area. For my one night at Ibis Wankdorf, I didn't need the certificate in the hotel as I went into town to eat.
On showing my paper NHS cert to the doorman at the Lotschberg restaurant, he panicked at the dreaded word 'Astrazeneca' but on me telling him that the actual vaccine (called Vaxzevria) is on the Swiss approved list he checked with his manager and all was well. For extra evidence I had downloaded on my phone the Swiss Health department's rules proving the above and showed it to him later as a matter of interest/courtesy

Sample photo from my trip: 11630 and 11345 between Reichenbach and Frutigen 14 October

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