Re: COVID rules, was: Less travelled narrow gauge trains

Andrew Moglestue

In case this is of any interest.

Before travelling it is recommendable to check the official government websites rather than asking on forums as the rules can change quickly.

That said, I have crossed several borders over the last few weeks and been in about 6 countries and never once was I asked for any certificates.

I was only once questioned, by border agents in Buchs SG, but they didn't want to see my certificates but only wanted to check the receipts for the szlibovic I was bringing back to Switzerland. Fortunately my souvenir was well within the legal limits.

I wouldn't recommend chancing it, but my impression is that the implementation of enforcement of rules is not very strong.

That said, I have heard of people who had some trouble getting foreign certificates recognized in Switzerland. They could cross the border without any trouble but then found themselves unable to go into restaurants. So I would check out the details well before you travel and not wait until the last minute.

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