Another new Swiss tunnel

Martin Baumann

Chavannes (93+733, not a passenger station) to Twann (95+977) is the last portion of single track between Lausanne and Olten via Neuchatel and Biel Work began on its replacement on October 18th. The lake on one side and cliffs on the other make it impractical to add a second track to the exisiting line so about 3.1 km of new railway will be built. Approximately 92+733 to 93+733 will be replaced by a deviation and the line will then enter a 2130m tunnel. The new line is planned to enter service in December 2026

Ligerz Halt (94+003) will close without replacement when the new line opens.

What change to the line distance will apply is so far unknown. km quoted are from zero at Lausanne but the line is shorter than the posts due to several previous deviations

some information in German at

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