SBB 08/11/21

Adam Daniels

As expected after much beer and not enough sleep (thanks Mr H!), I didn’t make the early start to get to Montreux for any Lake Geneve commuter Re420s left.
So, a croissant and coffee for breakfast and then deckchair out at Cornavin for 460s.
460013 IR1810
460017 IR2517
460086 IR2510
460083 IR1815
460013 IR1717
460046 IR1710
460089 IR1719
460101 IR2521
460108+460050 IR1721 (to Montreux)
Then across to MOB for a trip on the Golden pass. Shoving device was ABe4/4 9303, with coaches Ast151, Bs252, Bs235 and BD204.
Question: what does one call 9303? It isn’t a loco, but as it has passenger accom it isn’t an MLV either? Power car??
Anyways, wonderful trip across the top, followed by a quick spin on the Lenk branch.
After returning to Zw, BLS’s 430501 was on the rear of RE4080.
A decent Thai at the Bangkok in Spiez with 2 mates followed by 460080 on the 20:36 to Brig ended a good day and I had all of 30 yards out of the Bahnhofstrasse to get to my hotel, the Victoria.
All being well MGB and RhB tomorrow.

Adam Daniels.

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