SBB Historic railtour 20.11.2021

Martin Baumann

The tour was run to celebrate the 100th birthday of Be 4/6 12320 but this was not the only motive power to feature:

BDe 4/4 1643 worked the train from Winterthur to Zürich via Waliesellen and Wipkingen. 12320 then took the train to Wettingen via Hardbrucke and Seebach and then via the closed to passengers Wettingen to Gruemet (near Lenzburg) line and then to Zofingen.

With the Be 4/6 remaining on the rear 1643 worked to Olten-Aarau-Brugg-Turgi. Then 12320 hauled to Winterthur Töss via Koblenz and Bulach.

At Töss Ae 4/7 10905, De4/4 1679 and Tem 351 were on display. 1643 was removed from the rear and 10905 added. 12320 took the train to Winterthur and stayed there. 10905 took the train to Zürich HB (31) via Waliesellen and the Durchmesserlinie.

The trip was well organised but I was disappointed that unlike tours in the British Isles no itinerary was provided with times and route and insufficient information was provided on train as to times.

Traffic between Brugg and Turgi was disrupted for a time due to photographers trespassing on the line to photograph the special, all trains were ordered to pass the area at 25 km/h. I believe the police responded as well

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