Re: BDe 4/4 Photo


I found no information on Bt 28-33 901-905 in SBB Reisezug- und Gep├Ąckwagen (1997). In the description of BDt 960-980 (ex-ABt 900-921), it gives the revision dates of 1993-1996.

Peter Willen's Lokomotiven und Triebwagen (OF 1988) mentions Bt 28-33 901-905 as paired with BDe 4/4 along with ABt 37-03 900-919 (Lightsteel), ABt 38-33 906-921 (EWI), ABt 38-33 930-937 (ex AB LS) and Bt 19-33 900-902

Perhaps Markus can elaborate on when they were converted to Bt, for what purpose/route was this done, and whether they remained as such until conversion to BDt?


Mike C

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