Re: BLS 465 (was BLS Re 4/4)


From delivery until some point in the early 2000s, Re 465 009-018 were owned by the SBB but were leased to BLS. The locomotives were equipped with one DB pantograph so that the locomotives could operate into Germany as far as Freiburg im Breisgau, where the Hupac Rola terminal was located. With the delivery of the Re 485, which were fully authorized for operation in Germany, a number of the Re 465 previously assigned to runs to Freiburg were made available for other use.
As Martin mentioned above, once BLS was divided into passenger and cargo operations, the second batch of Re 465 were formally assigned to BLS Cargo, while a portion of the original batch were used in Switzerland for regional passenger services on the network and in the Bern region.
Can anybody confirm that all or most of the fleet has now also been equipped with a DB pantograph? I was of the understanding that much of the traffic to Freiburg had now been taken over by Re 485 (largely supplanted by 193/486 in international traffic) and SBB leased 186 (ex-Crossrail/CB Rail).


Mike C

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