Re: RBe 4/4s during 1960-80s


The ABt pilot coaches (EWI) could be used with Re 4/4I (1st Series). The FZt (later DZt) could be used with RBe 4/4.
I don't know if the FZt could also be used with Re 4/4I 10001-10027.

The Re 4/4I in push-pull operation were already in use on specific routes. The Re 4/4I (2nd Series) were not outfitted for operation with pilot coaches, so that option fell on the RBe 4/4, but they only had a limited number of pilot coaches. The main series of RBe 4/4 was not accompanies by sufficient pilot coaches, so those units were to pull trains as if they were locomotives. I don't know if this always meant that passengers were not allowed onboard or whether that only applied in certain cases.

I did not find too many photos on Bahnbilder-von-Max and none which clearly showed a RBe 4/4 with pilot coach from that era.
There might be more on, but there is no search function to search for specific types.

Most of my books cover the post 1970 period. I would have to scan through each book to see if there are any photos. I seem to recall a few photos of RBe 4/4 on the Luzern-Bern route in one of the books.


Mike C

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