Observations - June 2022

Max Goldstein

Hello all, just thought I'd post some general observations from my visit to Switzerland earlier this month:

VBZ: Still no shortage of Tram 2000s in Zürich. Be 4/6 2001 was running on line 15 for the duration of my stay.

BOB: All of the trains I saw had the Lauterbrunnen portion hauled by an ABeh 4/4 II (311 - 313), with the Grindelwald portion hauled by an ABDeh 8/8. This was a pleasant surprise, as I was under the impression that 311 - 313 were only kept in reserve and used when one of the newer units was unavailable.

WAB: One diagram on the Grindelwald side was BDhe 4/8 134 + 132 with Bt 251, everything else including the entire Lauterbrunnen side was Stadler Pano units 141 - 150.

MOB: All Montreux - Zweisimmen services I observed during my journey were in the hands of the 9000 series railcars, although I did get to enjoy a ride in one of the oldest panorama cars, As 112.

TPC: The AOMC line was a replacement bus between Val-d'Illiez and Champéry, not advertised on the SBB journey planner but was shown on TPC's website when I checked afterwards! I was surprised to see ex-AOMC Beh 4/8 592 working the ASD line. BDeh 4/4 301 was still out earning its keep on the AL, 302 was parked next to Aigle station still in the old brown livery.

MGB: HGe 4/4 II Nr. 4 was on Visp - Zermatt passenger duties throughout the three days I was based in Brig. No sign of any Deh 4/4s to Zermatt except for one evening service running through from Andermatt (train number 569/269). The Visp - Andermatt trains were roughly 70% Deh 4/4, 30% Stadler Komet. Almost all of the Deh 4/4s I saw were of the ex-FO variety (51-55, 91-96), I only saw one ex-BVZ example (21-24) working an Andermatt - Disentis diagram. The two ex-RhB Stammnetzpendel sets (with Be 4/4 514 and 515) were stabled outside Andermatt, next to the Göschenen line.

RhB: As expected, the Pontresina - Scuol trains are now worked by ABe 4/16 3101 - 3105 with a driving trailer for bikes (and sometimes an extra EW II). This leaves Disentis - Scuol as the last regular passenger service (not counting GEX) to be in the hands of Ge 4/4 IIs. Most of the rakes still included one or two EW Is, and none of them used driving trailers with the loco still running round at Disentis or Scuol. Part of me wonders whether the RhB will actually have a use for all 16 of 1751-1758 and 52801-52808 once all of the Capricorns have settled in?

Hope all this is of interest!

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