Re: Observations - June 2022


Am 26.06.2022 um 20:12 schrieb Max Goldstein:
> BOB: All of the trains I saw had the Lauterbrunnen portion hauled by > an ABeh 4/4 II (311 - 313), with the Grindelwald portion hauled by an > ABDeh 8/8. This was a pleasant surprise, as I was under the > impression that 311 - 313 were only kept in reserve and used when one > of the newer units was unavailable. Obviously some of the ABDeh 8/8 were not available. Maybe that some upgrades were due .
> MOB: All Montreux - Zweisimmen services I observed during my journey > were in the hands of the 9000 series railcars, although I did get to > enjoy a ride in one of the oldest panorama cars, As 112.
No 8000 at the other end of the train? All 4 driving trailers working?
> TPC: The AOMC line was a replacement bus between Val-d'Illiez and > Champéry, not advertised on the SBB journey planner but was shown on > TPC's website when I checked afterwards! I was surprised to see > ex-AOMC Beh 4/8 592 working the ASD line.
That's not so rare. 591-592 can be use as an additional unit together with 541-547 in peak traffic. For the rest they are often used as replacement for 401-404 on the ASD. Interestingly 591 is lettered AOMC/ASD, but 592 only AOMC! Photo from 13 March 2018 when 591 worked the ASD (and Le Sepey - Les Diablerets was closed)

> BDeh 4/4 301 was still out earning its keep on the AL, 302 was > parked next to Aigle station still in the old brown livery. Either 301/352 or 302/351 (at some point driving trailers were swapped) are regularly working one diagram. > RhB: [..-] Part of me wonders whether the RhB will actually > have a use for all 16 of 1751-1758 and 52801-52808 once all of the > Capricorns have settled in? 4 Engadin with 3101-05, 3 Arosa with Bärenwagen, 1 Schlittelzug, remains 8 for reserve, modules and peak traffic consists. Maybe 16 isn't enough. Markus, Gürbetal

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