Re: BN EW IA Numbers


This is very interesting as a topic. As far as I knew, the BN first class EWI coaches were delivered in green.
I did not know that they never received the blue/beige livery with original inscriptions.
When they were repainted in the more modern livery with blue ends, did they already receive the stylized logo with BN in the blue box and Bern Neuenburg markings similar to the 1980s BLS and SBB logo (post EWIV) or did any of them receive the new livery but retain the inscriptions at the middle of the coach body?

I have the early 80s edition of Simplon Loetschberg by Marti and TrĂ¼b. Unlike the Die Gotthardbahn book, I don't have the earlier editions with older photos.


Mike C

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