RhB / Bahnlehrpfad Preda - Berguen

David Eerdmans <D.Eerdmans@...>

Hi all,

two weeks ago I spent a fantastic week in Graubuenden, with of course lots
of RhB! :-) I'd like to thank everyone on this group who advised me to walk
the Bahnlehrpfad Preda - Berguen. The path itself was still closed due to
heavy snow :-( but instead I walked the road between Preda and Berguen, and
that was also a wonderful walk. I got to make some great pictures! :-)
The highlight of the trip was riding the Berninabahn, a wonderful
experience in all that snow.

Also a question: what type those old standard cars which run mostly in the
fast trains Chur - St. Moritz? There is a list on the shared files, but
can't find out what type it is. And are they also still rebuilding them? I
hate the new seats while I really like the original banks in the original
configuration. (the seats in the new panorama coaches and the cab cars are
nice though).


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