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Onderwerp: [SwissRail] Re: RhB / Bahnlehrpfad Preda - Berguen
Datum: woensdag 16 mei 2001 12:22

--- In SwissRail@y..., David Eerdmans <D.Eerdmans@s...> wrote:
Don't think so, I saw them all day long in many trains.
It's kind of hard to explain what I mean. Oh well,
never mind... ;-)
O.k., we will find out, if you can give a few hints:
type of windows?
Opening all the way down?

classes? only second or first and second?
Both, I think..

entrance doors? Einheitswagen-type (with two wings) or something else?
Doors with two wings.

rather long (20m) or rather short (15m)?
Rather long I believe.

I noticed these cars mostly on the fast trains Chur - St. Moritz, and they
have great 2-person banks to sit on. On the line St. Moritz - Scuol I
noticed cars which looked more or less the same, but with a brand new
interior. I thought it was the same type of car but with a rebuilt interior
(I can be wrong though..)


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