Re: BLS trains on the Gotthard


The name of the startingpoint of this train is "Kijfhoek". One of the
biggest railway-distribution-points of Europe.

--- In, Giger Markus BAV <Markus.Giger@b...>
According to todays "Bund" newspaper, it was early in the morning of
Thursday that the first freight train with BLS locomotive arrived in
Chiasso. The train consisted of Re 4/4 189 and only nine waggons.
It starts
in Kaijfok near Rotterdam and ends in Milano-Smistamento. Loading
of the train is sold by a dutch firm, traction is done by DB, BLS
and FS.
The train will return on Saturday. Weekly running is planned for
additional trains only being added when transport volume will grow.
Markus Giger

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