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Thanks for the help with OJB/RVO. It is quite fascinating to try to list all
changes of ownership, classification and numbering on less often reported

My next project is RBS and its predecessors. The first problem that is too
much for my sources does not actually have anything to do with RBS/VBW,
except its one time location:

Die Überlandbahnen von Bern nach Worb by Jeanmaire/Stamm has photo # 173
depicting a 1:9 scale model railway owned by Herrn Bannwart. I am not sure
of the translation, but guess that after his death the line moved to
Courrendlin (off Delemont ?). ("... Modellbahn des Herrn Bannwart, im
Masstab 1:9. Nach dem Tode des einstigen Besitzers wurde das Züglein vor
einigen Jahren nach Courrendlin verkauft." That must be in the 1960s).

I do not have any other references to either of the locations (the first one
is not named but obviously between Bern and Worb). The wheels of the loco
are in a shadow, but it looks like a 2C1. Is there any further info to
either location? They may have been private hobby lines with only temporary
servic to the public at temporary locations.

Eljas Pölhö
Helsinki, Finland/Malmö, Sweden

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