Terminology, was Hagen DE

Eljas Pölhö <poelhoe@...>

Is "Inbetriebsetzung" comparable to "(Neu)Abnahme" in German press?
Other approx. similar expressions are at least Endabnahme and

Is Swiss withdrawal (Ausrangierung?) comparable to "Ausmusterung" or
"Z-Stellung" in German press?

or to French terms
HS/hors service or Arrêt définitif or AA/Amortissement... or Radiation

The exact meaning of the expressions/terminology of course varies between
different countries and straight comparisons are not always possible.

Eljas Pölhö

VRS strictly takes the date when a vehicle was ready for commercial use
"Inbetriebsetzung" (not even delivery). This is correlated with the date
withdrawn, which is the date, when commercial use ends. The dates "built" and
"scrapped" are interesting but far less reliable to get than the first two.
This is why I use the first two, but record the other two if available.

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