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Dear Eljas,
you are now touching a very sensitive area of language: different words for
the same thing in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I think I can help you in
comparison beween the different "Germans" but must leave part of the
comparison between Swiss, French and Belgian meanings of french words to

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Betreff: [SwissRail] Terminology, was Hagen DE

Is "Inbetriebsetzung" comparable to "(Neu)Abnahme" in German
press? Other approx. similar expressions are at least Endabnahme
and Indienst-Stellung.
All 4 words should more or less have the same meaning, but "Endabnahme"
implicates a process that has finally come to an end. It might rather be used
for prototypes or first vehicle of a series.

Is Swiss withdrawal (Ausrangierung?) comparable to "Ausmusterung"
or "Z-Stellung" in German press?
withdrawal is CH-Ausrangierung, DE-Ausmusterung, AT-Kassierung
DE-Z-Stellung might be the same as CH-Remisierung (out of service but stored
for possible reuse). BLS Ae 8/8 were "remisiert", not "ausrangiert"

or to French terms
HS/hors service or Arr�t d�finitif or AA/Amortissement... or Radiation
From SNCF use I found:
ES = En Service (in commercial use)
EL = En Location (leased)
GB = Gar� Bon �tat, must be the same as "Remisierung", in Swiss french
US = Utilisation Sp�ciale *)
AA = Attente d'Amortisation *)
RD = R�paration Diff�r�e *)
*) status not known in Switzerland

All these categories count as "� l'effectif".
When this ends, it is called "radiation" or "radi� de l'inventaire".

hors service is "ausrangiert" in Switzerland, I do not know about French use.

The exact meaning of the expressions/terminology of course varies between
different countries and straight comparisons are not always possible.
That's it

Markus Giger

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