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Is the new project a replacement of the previous one?

The project of a third and fourth track Z�rich HB - Wipkingen - �rlikon would
have meant an additional bridge with additional traffic (additional noise) in
the city. There was a strong opposition against this.

Third and fourth track would not have solved the lack of plattforms in Z�rich
HB. Thus it was planned to maintain for a long time the four tracks behind
Sihlpost now under construction as a transitory solution. This would have
meant long ways to reach certain S-Bahn trains over decades. There was a
strong opposition against this.

The now adopted project of an additional four-track underground station gives
a satisfactory solution for additional plattform capactity and makes
through-running possible for all S-Bahn trains now changing direction in
Z�rich HB. Additional capacity Z�rich - �rlikon is gotten from the direct
tunnel HB - �rlikon.

Markus Giger

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