Re: New Station for Zurich

Max Wyss

One can consider this new project a much more improved version of the previous one, as it gives more potential for diameter lines for the S-Bahn, but they also plan to run long-distance trains through this station.

I may report more as soon as I get the referendum material.

Max Wyss.


On Page 53 of the August 2001 Issue of Today's Railways there is an
article "New Station for Zurich" about a second underground station at
Zurich HB with a 4.5 km. tunnel to Zurich Oerlikon. There will be a
Referendum on this on September 23.

I believe there was a previous project to double the line to Zurich
Oerlikon via Zurich Wipkingen with a new tunnel just between Wipkingen
and Oerlikon and that it met some opposition.

Is the new project a replacement of the previous one?

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