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glenn allen

In England it is the date that the item is accepted
into service, such as the class 375's my company is
slowly getting, each has to do a certain amount of
trouble free running in before being accepted into
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B4. GB-(date accepted),
FI-vastaanotto/takuup�iv�, DE-abnahme/endabnahme,
Is this the date, where railway company accepts
vehicle from builder or is
it the date, vehicle is officially approved to
be o.k.?
In Finnish terminology it is the date from which
the guarantee/garantie is
counted. Is that same as Endabnahme?
Should be that, yes. But this date is not published
in Switzerland. Usually it
should be the same as "Inbetriebsetzung"

In general: would you prefere the substantive or
the verb? Remind that all
German substantives have a capital! Kassierung,
but: kassiert (verb)
I must check which is/are used in lists/rosters.
Use may vary between
SBB list has titles like "Ausrangierungen", but in a
vehicle history
it is usually "ausrangiert 5.96"

Markus Giger

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