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Fionnbarr Kennedy

Just to introduce myself, my name is Chris Walters and I live in
Welcome to the group! I'm a "Paddy" so the interest is v varied - and great

1) Is there any etiquette or protocol to photographing trains in and
around railway stations or from bridges etc that I should be aware of?
Markus has answered this very well (as always!). From personal experience I
have found if you display camera and genuine enthusiasm Swiss rail staff are
usually delighted to see someone with an interest - an orange safety jacket
can be an asset.

I am very much looking forward to this part of the trip, and
will basing myself in Interlaken

If of interest I have a great little place I stay in in Murren: basic but
wonderful: email me off list.

In return, if anyone
would like to email me with questions regarding the rail scene here in
Australia, I'd be more than happy to do my best to answer
I have a friend who is very interested in Australian rail (especially your
huge freights): if you have any good photo websites you know of could you
please email me details off list!

Fionnbarr Kennedy

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